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The right job

The right job - Corazon Roldan

At 6AM, my alarm rang. I was so tired that I let it snooze for almost twenty minutes. Yesterday night, I had placed my phone on the opposite side of the room. I put it on the top of the TV, knowing that I might be tempted to turn it off and go back to sleep. It would not have been the first time that I do that.

Well, what can I do? It’s summer, it’s a beautiful weather and there are too many things going on in the same time. Too many parties to attend, too many friends to meet and too many drinks to cool off in the warm summer nights! It ain't easy to be a bachelor these days!

The past two weeks I did not get as much sleep as my body needed. Honestly, I haven't slept a minimum of eight hours per night in more than two months. My average is somewhere between four or five. Luckily, summer is ending soon, and I’ll go back to my hibernation schedule. Otherwise my liver would start failing. Hahahah!

This morning I had to be at work a bit earlier than usual because there was a technician from GMR Safety coming over to check the last vehicle restraint system installed on the dock. Pointless to say that I wasn't happy at all to be the only one that had to be in the office at that time. Being the last person hired in my department, I couldn't express my disagreement. I knew that wherever there was a union, the last one hired is the first one to be bumped. I just didn't want to be me that person. 

So, I woke up, brushed my teeth, dressed quickly and hit the road. At quarter to seven I was in the office, making myself a coffee. I was still yawning and told myself that I would probably need one or two more cups of coffee to make pass through the day. The lack of sleep was starting to take a toll on me. Only after my second cup, I got rid of the yawn.

The technician arrived shortly after I got there. He was a short man with a Turkish accent. When I asked where was he from, he revealed that my guess was correct. I took him to the dock and left him there. Fifteen minutes later, he came inside and handed him a paper. It was the bill for his inspection. I signed his copy and put my one on the receptionist's desk.

I had a quick look and I was shocked to see that he had charged two hundred dollars for fifteen minutes of his time. That was a job I would have liked to have!

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