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Letter to my husband

Letter to my husband - Corazon Roldan

Every single day since you returned to work, all I can hear is how challenging is to change management Texas. As far as I’m concerned, I will tell you bluntly that I don’t give a damn about your work! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy you got your promotion and you have been given an awesome project to work on. Bravos! Kudos to you! But move on! Get over it! It’s just a job! It ain’t your entire life!

We are your life! Us, your family! I go to work each day and I deal with hundreds of people, one more annoying or stranger than the other. Do you hear me talking about it? Honestly, when is the last time when I came home and I started to talk about my job? Not even once! That’s because I have the decency to draw the line, to give my family my full attention. My kids need me to be present as a parent, to listen to them, to encourage them, to ask them about their problems and help them. They don’t need or want to hear how my day at work was! 

Thus please grow up and be the parent you need to be, otherwise your girls will consider you a stranger. If don’t embark on this train now, it will be a lost cause. You have been so busy complaining about your job, that you did not noticed they don’t even want to spend time with you anymore. They don’t come to talk to you, nor to ask you questions, because you are never available for them, even if are home, standing in front of them. Each time they have asked you to listen to them, or they wished to share something with you, you shushed them and told them that you would do it later. That later never happened. They got tired of waiting and put you on ignore. You turned into a person who just lives here with us, without being involved in any of the things we do as a family.

I don’t know how else I could make you understand that this issue is also affecting our relationship. Please open your eyes and see you are going on the wrong path, that you are distancing yourself from me, from us. And for what? For a damn job that it does not even make you happy in the first place?

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