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Better off without my ex

Better off without my ex - Corazon Roldan

Since my divorce was final and all I received from my ex for my kid is petty cash, I had to get a second job in order to able to pay the bills. Since I no longer wanted to live in a lie and have close to me a liar and a cheater, I had to face everything alone.

When I found out he was cheating on me with his secretary, I thought it was a joke. A sort of April’s fool type of joke. Unfortunately, when I confronted him, he snapped at me and in a moment of anger, the truth slipped out of his lips. He admitted that he had slept with her, but in his distorted mind, it was my entire fault. He felt I was not paying attention to him anymore. He needed to prove to himself that he was still attractive. A lame excuse of a man passing through his midlife crisis.

That day we had a terrible fight. I asked him to fire his secretary, but he did not care about my request. He kept on saying that his business of park paving Edmonton was nothing without her. That she was very good at her job and he could not afford to lose such a capable employee.

Obviously his answer did nothing but adding more pain to my already broken heart. Anyway, I was not going to forgive him, or tolerate such behaviour. Thus, I filed my divorce and asked for my child’s custody.

He disagreed with my choice and decided to drag the whole process, just to annoy me. Instead of having a clean brief divorce, he did his best to postpone each court date. Therefore, it took me a whole year to get my divorce. It was not a fun ride, I assure you of that.

Yes, I have been through some rough times, but I like to think that it only got me stronger. It helped me find me peace. I never regretted my decision, although it was tough to explain it to my daughter. She is only six and can’t really see things the way they are. She is a child who can’t understand why her dad is not there anymore.

Although we were done, I never prevented him from seeing her. Actually I encouraged her to see him, and spend time with him. No matter what, he is and will always be her dad.

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